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There's this lone wolf who goes by the name Yadullah Abidi. I am the man behind this company, its projects and this website as well. Other than that, I am a pass-out from City Montessori School (the Chowk campus), Lucknow and that's about it. No college for now, only PiWare xD. So yeah, high school entrepreneur.

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PiWare is still a startup but that didn't stop me from inventing something awesome!

The Eye-Chair

A chair that follows your eyes.

The PitBot

A robot that automatically fixes roads.


Fly drones with your hands.


LearnWare is PiWare's very own education program geared towards highschool students giving them a chance to shine in the fields of Computers and Electronics alike. The program includes a basic electronics and programming course which consists of one class per week which teaches students the essential basics that they need to program and build robots and circuits from the ground up.

We've been to quite a few reputed institutions including the largest school in the world, City Montessori School as well as the Regional Science City, Lucknow.

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